The perfect cheer shoe

The right shoes in cheerleading are as important as a good working team, constant practice or the perfect stunt technique. More than this: the perfect cheerleading shoehas a lot of impact on your training, provides you with the needed support and helps you achieve your goals.

Safety & performance in cheerleading

Cheer shoes aren’t just necessary for style and comfort: while cheerleading has majorly advanced over the years, the right shoes are also crucial for safety and performance.

Adding factors like materials, weight and design, Varsity offers a wide range of different shoe models to meet your very own personal needs.

Which cheerleading shoe is your perfect pair?

Cheer shoes for flyers or bases, tumbling shoes, cheerleading shoes for competitive cheerleading or the sideline - we help you find your new pair of cheer shoes that will elevate your stunting, tumbling and jumping to the next level.

Varsity Aeros - Ready for a cheer shoe revolution?

Take flight in this revolutionary mid-knit mat shoe offering unrivaled fit and support with Ankle X Band stability, AeroFloknit construction, comfort collar, and an internal cradling arch support system. Get ready for lift off with VFly tech. To customize your Aeros with lettering or logo, contact your Varsity Rep.

Available in white and black.

Varsity Ascend - The high flyer

Ascend to the throne in the Varsity Ascend! The newest and lightest Varsity cheer shoe impresses with high class comfort thanks to Memory Foam Support while weighing only 100g. The high performance mesh design provides good ventilation and allows your feet to breathe.

The ideal lightweight cheer shoe for flyers, tumblers and stunters 

The insole made of high-grade memory foam not only makes you walk on clouds, but also absorbs shocks and hard landings - for example during tumbling or from high pop offs.
The sole made of EVA and rubber is designed for durability but still keeps all the features of a flexible outsole to help with your prettiest tumbling and stunting skills.
There is even more support and safety included: pads on the in- and outside of the shoe protect your Achilles area, support your ankles and stabilize the sides of your foot. Pretty feature: reflective properties definitely accent your performance.

Available in youth and adult sizes.

Varsity RISE - Decide to rise!

Decide to RISE! Our new Varsity RISE has the best of both worlds: the flexibility of an all knit shoe and the solidity of a sideline shoe.

Breathable RallyFlex, support bands and stunt grips help you giving your very best on the mat.
Here comes the next goody: the removable sole with Arch Support and Shock Absorbtionkeeps you light on your toes and provides extra dampening.

With Cinch-Lock Laces that keep your shoes on the right place.

This is for sure: if you liked the A41, you will love our Varsity RISE! 

Available in youth and adult sizes.

Varsity V4S - powerful and precise

In competition, it’s all about the details - that is why we’ve developed a cheer shoe for you, which attaches importance to the subtleties of Cheerleading: boasting the flexibility of a FITme shoe and an AeroFlo exterior, the V4S has details that matter.

Your reliable constant at practice and on the floor 

The new generation VForce is in no way inferior to its predecessor: thanks to the knit construction outside material and the choice of an ActivFIT or TechFIT insole, you become the driving force at cheer practice or on the floor.
Our Varsity V4S shows off with energy return pads which protect & support your feet at all times.

That V4S would not be the same without these features: interactive cinch and lock bubble lacing system as well as DuPont Teflon™ Fabric Protector-Technology which gives optimal all-round protection to the material. Any more wishes?

Available in youth and adult sizes.

Varsity Last Pass 3.0 - All good things come in threes

As they say all good things come in threes: this is the Last Pass update! The new Varsity Last Pass 3.0 has all the powerful features you love.

Make your last pass the best pass: champion-approved & mat-tested 

And we have so much more to give: RallyFlex upper and VFly weight combine with VariLace security to soar through your toughest competitions.

The Last Pass 3.0 not only shows off in new and trendy geo design, the reinforced footbed gives you an ultimate comfort kick!
Our icing on the cake: stunt notches and slip-resistant bubble laces!

Available in youth and adult sizes.

Varsity Cheerleader II - Back to basics

The versatile and lightweight Varsity Cheerleader II features a reinforced sole to take you through every season in comfort, style and support. Features shock-absorbing padding, arch support, and heel cup for stability and comfort. The synthetic leather upper is durable and cleans easily. The lightweight EVA and phylon rubber sole has reinforced adhesives and is coated with Varsity's scratch-resistant rubber sole protector. Includes a versatile, multi-use shoe bag.

Available in youth and adult sizes.